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Discover how Coach Amigo works with the Basic team features or go in-depth with the Premium team explainers.

Is there a fee for using Coach Amigo?

Coach Amigo is completely free and it wil stay free. That may sound a bit strange, but we want playing foorball to be fun for everyone. And Coach Amigo helps with that! There is also a paid version: Premium. You purchase this per team. As a result, you support the development of the entire Coach Amigo platform and you get a lot of extra super features. For example, you can make full use of the Desktop app!  

Which languages does Coach Amigo support?

Coach Amigo is first launched in Dutch and English. If you’d like to use Coach Amigo in English (or in Dutch): please go to “settings” and then “app settings”. Then change the preferred language. That’s it. Moreover, we also love German, French, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Uzbek (and a lot more). In other words, we definitely want to develop more languages. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to help us out here!

Who is responsible for the development of Coach Amigo?

Behind Coach Amigo is the team of Free amigos. These are a bunch of professionals in the field of app and web development. And besides that, they are great designers and nice people. They are also known under the names “Virgial” and “Nico”. Don’t be surprised hearing they have a lot of relevant experience: Coach Amigo literally started on the pitch every Saturday & Sunday morning!

Can I manage my team on another device?

When you’ve created players and your team, you want everything to be safely stored. Therefore you create an account in the Coach Amigo app. So in case your phone spontaneously falls into the water … or is run over by a 30-ton truck: no worries! Everything is securely synchronized with our servers. Just grab the first phone you see and log into your account (of course after installing the app). And voila: you can just get started right away. Everything is there. As if nothing happened. You can also log in with 2 phones or with your desktop at the same time, if you have a premium team! Then you can also invite other coaches to work together with your team.

How many teams can I manage with Coach Amigo?

You can manage one team at a time. But! Are you also a coach of another team? Then you can create up to 3 teams in your account at the same time. You can always delete teams to create a new team. If you have a Premium subscription you can send an email to support and ask to raise the maximum amount of teams in your account to 6 (when your account has 1 Premium team). The maximum of 3 teams is excluded from the teams you are shared with.

Is Coach Amigo “difficult” or “not for me”?

When you start with Coach Amigo you remember: nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed. You’re not ‘obliged’ to work with a Livestream or work with the substitution assistance either.
  • Just create your players,
  • add them to the selection of your team,
  • set up a match,
  • and start to practice!
Remember that you can delete a match or ‘restart’ it. Very handy to get to grips with. Coach Amigo ensures that you prepare everything easily, youth coaches can apply substitutions (playing time) fairly, everything is saved and you can view statistics. And we’re not even talking about the Livestream!

On which devices can I use Coach Amigo?

Coach Amigo has been developed for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. We recommend iOS version 11 or higher ( iPhone 6s and newer models). Our Android app works from version 6.1 (Marshmallow) or higher. We are constantly working on improvements, if you run into a mistake: please let us know! There is als a Desktop app. It’s also free to use, but all features are unlocked when you make your team Premium!

Do I have to use the Livestream?

No this is not necessary. You can make it easy for yourself, for example, by only working with the formation & line-up possibly with substitution assistance. You can also choose to record events (for example only goals) on the stream, but not to switch on the Livestream. So you’ll collect the data for the statistics, but don’t share anything.