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Starting a new season

With the same team or a new team?

When you want to start a new season, the first question is: will you start with a new team (for example U11 instead of U9) or will you start a new season with the same team?

When you start with a new team, you simply create a new team and continue with that. And if you keep working with the same team, you simply create a new period. We explain both routes in more detail below.

New season: new team

Step 1

Create a new team

Go to ‘team’ and then choose ‘Other teams’. Then press the red plus at the bottom right of the screen.

Maximum 3 Free teams
If there is no Premium team in your account, you can create up to 3 teams max. If you do have a Premium team in your account, you can create a maximum of 6 teams. Please do send an email to support when this applies to you.

Now type in the club name and choose from the range of clubs that the app will offer you (for now only The netherlands, other countries will follow). Enter the team number and, if necessary, the other information. Press the green checkmark to save the team. By pressing edit beneath the team shirt you can change the colors and patterns.

When working on your mobile: activate this team now. The team will be activated immediately in the desktop app.

Step 2


Choose “players”. You will see that no players have been added to this team’s roster yet. You can now create players and add them to the squad by pressing the shirt. Of course you can also use existing players who are in your account. Add them by pressing the shirt behind their name.

Make sure you have selected the left button on at the top of the screen (players). Read more about players and your team selection here. 

Step 3


Calendar link
Copy and paste the calendar link at ‘team’ and then ‘calendar link’ (at the top right of the screen you can paste the link by pressing the pencil (for now only the Dutch competition is supported)). Check whether the correct period is selected. Choose sync.

Setup a match
But you can also manually set up new matches. Here you can read more on how to do that.

Transfer Premium subscription

You may have purchased Premium on the team you coached last season. Premium allows you to switch to a different team in your account once a month. To this end, a ‘do-it-yourself switch’ will soon be placed in the app. But for now you simply send an email to support. Clearly indicate on which team Premium must be removed and on which team you would like to have it applied next.

Check this Coach!

When you have created and activated a new period on device 1, this does not mean that it is automatically activated on device 2. So make sure that you also activate this new period on the other device. Then you should be all right.

Of course, this also applies to those with whom you may have shared the team with (Premium? Read more about sharing your team here).