Latest version 3.0.2(0)

Stap 1 STEP 1

Add your players

Go in the menu to "your players" and click the red plus on the bottom. The screen of a new player appears. Add nickname and photo. And preferred position(s). Remember to save your work!
Stap 2 STEP 2

Create your team

Open the menu and go to "create team." Just press the big red plus bottom right. Now type the name of your club under the club name. When you enter a name Coach Amigo checks automatically in the list of clubs.
Stap 3 STEP 3

Create a match

Go to the menu matches. Tap the red plus on the bottom of the screen. Type the name of the opponent and edit the game information. You can decide how many substitutions you'll be applying each half.
Stap 4 STEP 4

Substitutions scheme

(if applicable) In the game menu, tap "line-up & formation". Now tap to add players in a substitution block. Do this for the 1st and 2nd half. You can even copy and paste substitution blocks. You also see how long each player is on the pitch ...
Stap 5 STEP 5

Edit formations

Tap 'line-up & formation" and then "formation". Your players can be positioned automatically via the automatic setups (bottom right). You can also drag the player to a different position in order to fine-tune the formation.
Stap 6 STEP 6

Start the match!

Go to the menu and tap "matches". Tap the match that you have set up, then tap "go to match". You can start the match at the bottom of the screen, yes, the green button! Your substitutions are shown on time and you can add goals, assists easily.