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Post a match in retrospect

A match has already been played, but you’d like to add it to Coach Amigo for the statistics. Well, you can post a match in retrospect: simply record a match with a date in the past. Just setup the match with the settimgs according to the match played. Thereafter:

  • Start the match
  • Immediately press ‘time’ to display the time menu
  • Choose ‘finish first half’
  • Choose ‘start second half’
  • Immediately press ‘time’ to display the time menu
  • Choose ‘end match’

Now you are in the “end of match” screen. Now you can add events to the timeline by choosing the red plus. There is no limitation on adding events. Just add everything that happened in the actual match.

Please note that you can also assign the events (goals, assists, shots, violations, cards, warnings, etc.) to the correct minute. When you add an event, you will see a grey ‘time icon’ on the bottom right (this indicates the last minute of the chosen match length), press and you can select a minute in which the event took place.