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Change the player selection in a match (at lineup)

If you’d like to change the selection after setting up a match, proceed as follows (provided that the player list doesn’t contain more than the allowed 21 players):

  • At the bottom of the player list, select the grey plus icon
  • An overview of all of your available players will appear
  • Select the player you’d like to add, or
  • Create a new player in case he or she isn’t available in your player list yet

When you’ve got 21 players in your player list (you’ll see a notification of this at the top of the screen when trying to add a player), you’ll have to remove players first. You can do this by setting players to absent in the game settings (click here), or via the following actions:

  • swipe left over a player you’d like to remove
  • select remove (the player will, of course, only be removed from this game)

When the player list consists of 20 or fewer players, you can add players up to the maximum of 21.