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Create & manage multiple teams

You can create multiple teams (up to 3) in Coach Amigo. This is useful when you work with a first & second team selection, for example. Or when you start a new season with another team. This way you keep your old team (plus data).

Also, all players can be used again in the new team.

To create a new team, proceed as follows:

  • Go to “your team”
  • Choose the red plus next to the shirt at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter the club name
  • Choose any additional information such as team number, division etc.
  • Press OK
  • Now select the new team
  • Select “Players in this team” and add players
  • Select “Keeper” and choose a permanent keeper
  • Select “Captain” and determine who the captain is
  • Then set the default match settings (these ensure that every new game immediately gets a number of settings!)

The periods that you have already set belong to the other team, so each period belongs to a team. Read more about how to set them up here.

You can also add a calendar link for this new team. And immediately synchronise all matches from the agenda.

Activate team note:

Pay attention on which team you’ve activated. Especially when you create a new match. But when you’ve made a mistake, no worries. You can always assign a match to another team or other period afterwards.

You can do this by editing the match details in the competition yourself.