Latest version 3.0.2(0)

Create a team formation

You can create a team formation(s) after you’ve determined who is going to play at the tab ‘schedule’.

  • choose the ‘formation‘ tab at the top
  • notice that the players are randomly placed in the field
  • choose the ‘strategy icon‘ in the lower right corner
  • choose one of the preset strategies
  • now the players automatically choose a position
  • now drag the players to your preference

When you choose a preset strategy, the app determines a position based on their preferred position. You can determine this at the player’s edit screen (go to the main menu ‘your players’). Nice to know is that the colored balls (visible next to the photo of the player) indicate this preferred position:

  • red: attack
  • blue: midfield
  • green: defense
  • gray: goalkeeper

You can also position the players yourself, without using the preset strategies.

Choose the ‘magnet icon’ (next to the ‘strategy icon’) when you want to straighten out the players on a grid.