Get started

Assign a match to a period

You can assign matches to a specific, self-defined period. A period can be a tournament, a season, or a collection of exhibition games. Whatever you wish. If you want to assign a match to another period, you can get started as follows:

  • choose ‘matches’ in the main menu
  • choose a match
  • choose the ‘customize icon’ at the top (pencil)
  • select the ‘calendar icon’ (the current period is visible)
  • choose the period to which you want to assign the match
  • confirm with the check mark at the top right

Check whether the match has disappeared from the match list and then see if it is visible in the period in which you awarded the match:

  • choose menu
  • choose ‘account’ (main menu: press on your photo on top left)
  • choose ‘periods’
  • activate the period to which you have assigned the match (the number indicates how many matches have been assigned to a period)
  • check ‘matches’ if the match is visible here

Do you want to know more how to set up periods? Then look at how you get started with it: set-up-and-rename periods