Latest version 3.0.2(0)

Set up a match

You can set up a match that has yet to be played or one that has taken place in the past. You can get started as follows:

  • choose ‘matches’ from the main menu
  • choose the red plus at the bottom right
  • you start by entering the club name of the opponent
  • Coach Amigo automatically searches in a preset list of clubs (a Dutch list, later we will bring you other lists of countries)
  • choose ready bottom right or select a club from the list
  • select the shirt and set the correct club colours of the opponent
  • enter a date and start time now (note: this is only for the record, you can start the match any time)
  • choose the number of players on the pitch
  • choose the number of minutes of play per half
  • choose subs assistance (and how many blocks) or not
  • indicate whether it’s a competition, cup or friendly/exhibition match
  • [optional] assign the match to a different period than the one that’s activated at this moment (the match will not be visible in your match list, only when you activate the relevant period)
  • You can enter the relation code (Official Association number / player-tracking system)
  • at the top right, choose the checkmark to confirm

If you want to know more about how you play a game in the past, check out this tutorial

You can predefine a lot of settings in ‘rules & options’, you can read more about them here. This saves you a lot of time when setting up matches.