Latest version 3.0.2(0)

Set up substitution management/assistance

If you want to work with substitution assistance in a (youth) match, then you can get started as follows:

  • choose ‘matches’ in the main menu
  • choose the match you want to change (when you start creating a new game, the next step does not apply)
  • choose the ‘pencil button’ in the top right corner to make edits to the competition settings
  • select at subs management how many blocks you want to use per half (currently 2 to 6 blocks possible, where 2 blocksĀ implies 1 swap and 6 blocks implies a total of 5 swaps)
  • confirm with the checkmark to close the ‘subs management menu’
  • confirm with the check mark at the top right
  • now choose ‘lineup & formation’
  • now determine by placing balls in the players’ row when they’re playing
  • next to the player photo you can view how many minutes a player has been assigned to play
  • When you have set the first half you can choose to copy this half directly to the second half. How to do this you’ll find out here: ‘copy half to another half’

If you assign too many players to a substitution block, the balls will light up red. If you’ve assigned exactly the correct amount, they will turn green.