Latest version 3.0.2(0)

Activate and share the Livestream

The Livestream is a fun tool to keep the fans informed real time of all action on the field. Don’t want to use the Livestream? No problem: you’ll always have access to your collected data, even if you’ve not shared it on the Livestream.

But why would you miss the opportunity for a big audience? You can get started as follows:

  • Make sure you have set up the match. Do you want to learn how? Take a look at ‘match settings’, ‘set up substitution schedule’ and ‘create formation‘ (if you have not set up anything in the match at lineup and formation, the ‘go to match’ and ‘Livestream’ buttons/options aren’t visible)
  • Now choose ‘stream closed’, the switch will now shift to ‘stream public’
  • you can now (before the actual start of the match) start to share the Livestream
  • select the ‘share icon’ (the middle of the 3 icons on the right)
  • choose your favourite platform to share the match with the fans (for example Whatsapp)

You can open the Livestream yourself via the ‘globe icon’. You can copy the Internet address of the stream and share it in any another way.

Manage Livestream settings

  • choose the settings icon on the far right
  • select the annotation window and you can make a public note (visible on the Livestream!) You can read more about this in ‘private and/or Livestream notes’
  • now switch on/off ‘show formation on Livestream’ (you can read more about this in ‘Hide formation on Livestream’
  • now switch on/off ‘show substitutions on Livestream’
  • close this window