Get started

Create formations with substitution management

Assuming you’ve set up a substitution schedule at lineup (read more about this: ‘setting up substitution assistance/management‘) you can start to create the team formations per substitution block. You can get started as follows:

  • choose the ‘formation’ tab at the top
  • The blue circle with the arrow (between the match minute indicators at the top) indicates which substitution block you’re editing. For example, start by choosing the first substitution block
  • now choose the ‘strategy icon’ in the lower right corner, a number of standard formations will be shown, choose the one you want
  • the players are placed in the field according to the chosen preset. Now, drag players to another place or switch them by dropping one player onto another
  • Now select the next substitution block at the top and repeat the steps of the previous substitution block
  • perform this action for all the substitution blocks in this half
  • now you can copy this half into the other half. Read more about this at ‘copy one half to another half‘. You can start making adjustments after this

Of course, it’s possible to drag all the players manually to their correct position.