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Place calendar-link and synchronise matches

When you have purchased the calendar link in the app you can also use this in Coach Amigo. Coach Amigo will automatically fetch your matches after pasting the link and synchronisation. If you have already set up your team settings, these new matches will also be provided with the right setup immediately. Ready to play!

Placing the calendar link is as follows:

  • Make sure you have activated the right team and the right period!
  • Copy the link in the e-mail you received from (you will receive this after purchase in the app)
  • Go to “External link” (to be found at the bottom of “your team”) and set the edit mode by pressing the pencil
  • Paste this link in the appropriate field (tap in the field “external link”)
  • Confirm by pressing the check mark at the top right
  • Press synchronize

Coach Amigo will now synchronize the internal calendar with yours on Wait until “synchronization completed” is shown at the bottom of the screen. The app indicates which changes have been applied.

You can go to your race overview and make adjustments to the imported competitions.

Extra info about placing calendar links:

There are two types of accounts with the app:
1) accounts where the user is also a member of the KNVB
2) accounts where the user is not a member of the KNVB

You can now use both types of calendar links!

With the first type of account, after purchasing a team’s agenda, a link is sent with the word “ical-person” incorporated in it (something like this: -person? token = ****). This link does not work in Coach Amigo. And we have temporarily blocked not to import strange looking, unusable matches.

With the second type of account you get a differently formatted link, with the word “ical-team” incorporated in it (something like this: ****) . This link works in Coach Amigo.

It is therefore important to purchase the agenda link in the app when you are logged in with an account with which you are not already a member / player / referee or whatever is known within the KNVB. If you don’t have such an account: you can always create a new account in the app!