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Refresh a player – Reset a match

Refresh a player

When you make adjustments to a player (name, position, photo, etc.) you will not immediately see these adjustments in an existing match. You can easily load the modified data into a player by refreshing the player:

  • Tap on the photo or icon of the player at ‘line-up’
  • Tap the refresh icon
  • Repeat this for all players that you have adjusted

These adjustments obviously only apply to the match where you’ve just applied the refresh. When you have setup a lot of matches you’ll have to apply this refresh in every match.

Another option is to refresh all players in one match and then copy the settings of this match to other matches. Learn how to do that here.


Reset a match

When you make adjustments to players and at the preferences of your team, it is useful to completely reset already created matches. They’ll then automatically be loaded with all new settings. This means that adjustments made to that match will be wiped.

How you work is as follows:

  • Choose the match
  • Tap the edit pencil at the top right
  • Scroll down and tap reset game icon
  • Choose ‘confirm’

See also the videos for further guidance.