Latest version 3.0.2(0)

Register injured and/or absent players

It is possible to register who’s absent from a match, whether that’s for an injury or by a regulatory notification.

This registration is done at a match, so it applies to the players that have been included in the lineup. The absent players will not be available in this match.

In a later phase, we will make the registered data transparent with statistics.

You can get started as follows:

  • select the match where you want to register the absentees
  • choose ‘details’
  • now choose the second ‘greyed out circle’ behind the player to put him absent. Pressing multiple times results in a switch between allowed and a not reported or irregular absence (green = allowed and red cross = not reported/irregular)
  • If the player is injured, choose the ‘injury icon’ on the right behind the two circles
  • choose the arrow at the top left to go back to the match settings

When you go to ‘lineup & formation’ you’ll see that the absent players are no longer available in the player’s list.