Get started

Edit shirt numbers on your team

You can set shirt numbers in the main menu at ‘your team’. You can always override these settings at ‘lineup & formation’ in a match (read ‘edit shirt numbers at ‘lineup & formation‘), but the default settings are set at ‘your team’. These default settings are always included as a basis for every new match.

To set up shirt numbers, you can get started as follows:

  • choose ‘your team’ in the main menu (the name of your team is most likely displayed)
  • choose ‘players in this team’
  • choose a number behind a player who wants to adjust
  • select the correct number (or a temporary one) in the screen that pops up
  • repeat this step with all the players you wish to edit
  • confirm with the check mark at the top right

Coach Amigo places the players in numerical order. If you assign a player a higher shirt number, he will appear at the bottom of the list.