Get started

View statistics from your team and players individually

All data you enter is safely stored in your account, and uploaded to the cloud. It’sĀ used for rendering the statistics, which can be found in the main menu ‘statistics’. As you enter more data, the more detailed the statistics will become. Moreover, we’re constantly working on making more data available and ready for rendering statistics.

This is how you get started with ‘statistics’:

  • choose ‘statistics’ from the main menu
  • at the top you can select one or more type of matches (competition, cup, friendly/exhibition)
  • the win percentage is shown in the pie chart. In other words: what percentage of the total amount of match points has been achieved (0 for a loss, 1 for a draw, 3 for a win)
  • Furthermore, rankings, playtime and match events are shown

At ‘rankings’ the list of goal scorers and assistants is shown. Choose a player to view his personal statistics (also accessible from ‘your players’ in the main menu).

At ‘playing time’ you’ll get an overview of the minutes played by each player.

At ‘match events’ you’ll get an overview of all events by your team.