Get started

Set up team default match settings

If you want to be able to set up matches quickly, then it is important to check the settings at “your team”. Go to “your team” and walk through the following options in succession:

  • Select the team you want to work with at the bottom of the screen (or create a new team)
  • Choose the period in which you are active / want to create matches
  • Select the players that belong to the selection in this team
  • Choose your keeper
  • Choose your captain
  • Choose the amount of players on the pitch
  • Choose the amount of minutes of each half
  • Set whether you want to work with an substitution management or not
  • Choose your preferred formation / tactics
  • Finally enter (optional) the link of the calendar

About substitution management:

When you work with substitution management Coach Amigo will automatically fill in only the first block with every new game. You will therefore have to go through this match and create a full substitution scheme. However, you can now copy and paste a match that has been set. This way you have easily set up all your matches

Note that, once you’ve setting up your team preferences, and work without substitution management, all new matches are immediately ready to start.