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Our main users are amateur coaches. Mostly men, but female coaches are catching up. They are between 28 and 55 years old and very committed to their team. Making sure fun & development is key, to semi-professional and performance oriented.

In addition, many trainers and team managers use Coach Amigo. Here, 1 in 3 are women. Age is also between 28 and 55. In this group too, there is a high involvement with the team and players.

Finally, there are the fans. Lots and lots of fans. Of all ages. This includes parents, friends, family, club and teammates and anyone interested.

Why do coaches choose us?

Real-time match registration

Livestreams of matches

Match preparation & analysis

Fair distribution of playing time, no moaning

User owns data (not club or league) 

Works as player tracking system

One account for training & coaching

Easy sharing under team management

Multi language

Loads of free features

Continuous development together with users

Developed from intrinsic motivation coach

Sponsor visibility

2.000.000+ visits
a year

Email marketing:
300.000+ sends
a year

Web platforms:
60.000+ users
a year

400.000+ hours
a year

Focus market The Netherlands & Flanders:

Over a 125k amateur football coaches

Expanding markets UK, Scandics & Germany:

Over a million amateur football coaches

Role Based Thinking development®

Coaches, trainers & team managers

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