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The app for amateur coaches

Meet Coach Amigo: the nicest and best app for amateur coaches! Coach Amigo helps you prepare matches, make lineups, come up with tactics. To let all fans enjoy the matches live with the Livestreams! And Coach Amigo helps you collect a wealth of interesting statistics!

Free or Premium?

It’s fully packed and free

Coach Amigo comes in 2 flavors: Free and Premium. Now we hear you think: the free version will be very limited. But it will surprise you enormously what you can do with the free version. Coach Amigo Free is a solid, fully working version. You can also use the Livestream whenever you want. Of course you can do more with a Premium team, so be sure to take a look at what we have in store for you.

Prepare a match

Easily prepare matches

When you have been preparing with Coach Amigo you can pay more attention to your team during the match. Coach Amigo signals you when you’ve planned to make substitutions and immediately indicates which players. But you can also save, consult and apply different formations.


All fans enjoy the match: live!

All events you keep track of in the match can be placed directly on the unique Livestream. In this way the fans get even more bond with the team. Even if they are not on the sidelines themselves: they’ll experience it intensely!


Enjoy full insight into your team and players

When the match ends, you can view all the statistics for the events you collected during the match, as well as view the statistics for a full season. You can edit matches, add new ones or delete them afterwards. Place matches in a period to view statistics from each season individually. And much, much more …

Latest Features

Latest features

Team sharing

Penalty shootouts

Extra time

Coach Amigo is always developing to offer you even more. With a Premium subscription you support the development of the app and you get many extra features. See what’s in store here!

Team sharing

Share your team and work together

Do you have a Premium team? Then you can easily share your team with another coach: just invite them from the app. This coach strengthens the team and you can work together seamlessly. As the owner, you determine which actions the invited coach can take with the team.

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