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Attendance request center

Ask players to report their attendance status

In each match you will find the list of players on which you can indicate the attendance status of players (match attendance). If you have a Premium team, you can also use the handy tool to ask players to indicate their presence status themselves.

You send them an email or a whatsapp (or via any other social) and the players can respond without needing an account. That makes the Attendance Request tool very accessible to work with, for players, team manager and coach.

Let’s get going

Go to ‘match attendance’ at a match. At the top of the list you will see the Attendance request tool: press the switch and the tool will be activated.

Quick overview in the panel

You immediately see how many players have responded and how many didn’t. Press the blue button to open the tool.

Set end time and date

By default, the reaction option is closed 24 hours before the start of the match. After this point, players will no longer be able to report status changes.

If you want to set a different time, you can choose from “number of hours before the start of the match” or “a specific date + time”. You can switch between these different options with the buttons below the time slot. Press the blue time box to set the end time as you wish (confirm with the green check mark).

By pressing ‘close now’, the tool is immediately closed for players and they can no longer indicate changes to their status.

Add a message

On the attendance status pages you have the option to add a message. Note: this is a message that will be displayed on both the collected team statuses page and the personalized pages.

Send player(s) an email

Press ’email’ and you will get the option to ask players for status updates by using e-mail. Of course you can only send e-mails to players if you’ve entered a valid e-mail address at the players’ details page. You can check a preview before sending.

In the first panel you can send an email to all players simultaneously. All players will receive a personalized email with a link to their personalized attendance status page. When you press ‘confirm’ in the pop-up, the e-mails will be sent immediately.

In the overview of players you will see that the e-mail icon behind their name turns green for all or some players. This indicates that an email has been sent to them. The number in parentheses indicates how many emails you have sent to this player.

You can also send an e-mail to a specific player: press the e-mail icon on the right side of the panel of the relevant player.

At the top left of the portrait of the players you can see if they have already responded and communicated their status. If there is a gray question mark, then nothing has been heard from this player yet.

Personalized email for a player

The email players receive contains a link to their unique attendance status page. As long as they do not share this link with others, it can only be visited by themselves. On this page, the player can continue to submit status changes until the end time has expired (closed).

Share a link with player(s).

In the first panel you can share a status page with all players. This page allows players to adjust their attendance status. Please note, this is a collection page on which all statuses of all players can be found and adjusted. You can click on ‘view web page’ at the top right to visit the page directly.

In the list of players you’ll see a share button on the right side of each players’ panel. This allows you to share the personalized attendance status page with the relevant player. If you want to personally ask a player to report his status, choose this.

Share anywhere

You can share a attendance status page on any social media. Choose from the share options on your phone or simply copy the link and post it in a message. A big advantage is that players don’t need an account with Coach Amigo, so easy does it!

Process status updates

Pop-up only shows the players with different statuses compared to current statuses.

When a player has communicated his status, you will see this in a pop-up when you open the match attendance screen. The pop-up only shows the players with different statuses compared to their current statuses. You can choose to immediately implement the indicated statuses. When a player is placed on not present, you will no longer see him in the line-up and formation of this match.

Status changes immediately visible

If you prefer, you can ignore the pop-up and manually review and implement the players’ status updates. You can immediately see when a player has indicated a different status thanks to the changed background color of the player panel. Also, the icon that can be seen at the top left of the player’s portrait indicates thee attendance status provided by the player. A red background indicates that the player is ‘absent’, a green background indicates ‘present’.

You keep control

Player status updates are never automatically applied to match attendance. This way you always remain aware of changes and any adjustments you will have to make in the line-up and formation.

Also note the little green panel at the bottom left of the match attendance screen. It indicates how many players you now have available (present) for the match. It gives you a quick insight into whether you might need to look for extra players for this match.

Do you want to update all data of a player (or multiple players)? Player information, photo, but also their attendance status? Then retrieve the latest data from your players.

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