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Trainer Amigo

Super easy attendance & ratings tracking

Trainer Amigo is a free download from the App Store and Play Store. Log in with your Coach Amigo credentials and get started! You will find all your players in Trainer Amigo, but no teams: Trainer Amigo works with its own training selections. If you have a Coach Amigo Premium team subscription in your account, you can start managing and tracking training sessions directly.

Two apps, seamless cooperation

Owners of a Premium team in Coach Amigo (not those with whom a team is shared) can use Trainer Amigo for free, as one of the benefits of a Premium team subscription.

Coaches with a free team or trainers who only want to use Trainer Amigo can separately purchase full access to all features of Trainer Amigo for only €9.99 per year. This way they can also manage training selections or be shared with a training selection, without having purchased a Premium team themselves.

First setup

When you first enter the training sessions module, you’ll have to start with the initial setup. This means: composing a training selection and giving it a name.

In the “Training Selection” screen you choose which players from your complete player list are part of this. For the sake of convenience, the app has selected the players that also belong to the squad of the currently activated team. You can add or remove players from the squad by pressing the icon. 

First training session

Press the red plus to create a training session

Date & time

After the initial setup you will see a red plus at the bottom right of the screen. With this you start setting up a training session. The first screen displays the date and time. Adjust this to your liking.

Register attendance

Press next (bottom right, green arrow) and you will arrive at the attendence screen. You have the option to set players on absent. In addition, you can indicate whether they are injured or whether they have not signed off with you.

Remove a player from training

If a player will not be part of the training for any other reason, you can remove them from this training (only for this training!). To do this, swipe left on the player and press remove.


You can assign ratings during or after the training. To do this, press the star in the bottom menu. The fastest way is to directly press the stars right next to the player’s name. If you press a star several times, you will discover that it is also possible to assign half stars: when you press a star, it changes from 1 star, to half a star, until eventually no star.

Ratings on multiple attributes

You can fine-tune your rating by pressing the arrow on the right of the player bar.

Flip the switch to enable the advanced ratings. Now you can start to value on 4 attributes: mentality, physical, technical skills and tactical skills. Press the star on the most left a number of times to turn off rating for an attribute. No stars given? Then this attribute is not included in the statistics.

You can give a rating on 1 or more of the 4 different attributes. Next to the player (golden stars) you see the average of this training. All this data is saved to be shown in the overall statistics.

AI: Expected training sessions

When you have created a training session, the app will also offer an expected next training session. Training sessions will often take place on fixed days, so you can quickly create a next one with the same specifications.

But you can always create a new session by pressing the red plus, with specifications to your liking.


At the top of the screen you will find the button “Statistics”. Here all collected data from the training sessions is clearly presented.

Use the filters on the right to sort by alphabet, rating or attendance. The injury button ensures that absence due to injury is not included (grey) or is included (blue).

At the top of the screen you will find the average attendance percentage of your selection.

In the green dot you can see the number of training sessions where the player was present. The red dot shows the number of times a player has not signed off from a training session.

More training selections

Press “Training Selections” (menu at the bottom: “Selection”) for an overview of the selections available in your account.

By pressing the red plus, you create a new training selection. You then activate it by pressing it, and the green checkmark will indicate that this training selection is activated.

You can delete a training selection by editing it. Press the pencil icon at the top right of the screen. Then press the red trash can at the bottom of the screen.

Share a training selection

Press “share your training selection”.

Enter the email address of the trainer with whom you want to share the selection. Preferably, use the email address they have associated with their Coach Amigo account. After acceptance, you will see in this screen that the sharing was successful.

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