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Start a new season

Are you starting with the same team or a new team?

When you want to start a new season, the first question is: will you start with a new team (for example under11 instead of under9) or will you start a new season with the same team?

When you start with a new team, you simply create one and continue with that. And if you continue to work with the same team, you can opt for simply creating a new period. Choose the route that applies to you below and discover how to approach it!

New season with the same team

You continue to coach the same team: under 15 will also remain under 15 next year. Follow the explainer on how to start a new season using a new period.

Start with a new team

You start next season with a new team. under 15 becomes under 17 for example. Or you get an extra team under your wings. Go ahead and start setting up a new team!

Transfer Premium subscription

You may have purchased Premium on the team you coached last season. Premium allows you to switch to a different team in your account once a month. Visit ‘settings’, then choose purchases (refresh this overview page once or twice by tapping on the refresh icon). Click on ‘change’ to connect a subscription or Premium code to another team.

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