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Start a new season

Same team or a new team?

When you want to start a new season, the first question is: will you start with a new team (for example under11 instead of under9) or will you start a new season with the same team?

When you start with a new team, you simply create one and continue with that. And if you continue to work with the same team, you can opt for simply creating a new period. Choose the route that applies to you below and discover how to approach it!

New season with the same team

You continue to coach the same team: under 15 will also remain under 15 next year. Follow the explainer on how to start a new season using a new period.

Start with a new team

You start next season with a new team. under 15 becomes under 17 for example. Or you get an extra team under your wings. Go ahead and start setting up a new team!

Transfer Premium subscription

You may have purchased Premium on the team you coached last season. Premium allows you to switch to a different team in your account once a month. To this end, a ‘do-it-yourself switch’ will soon be placed in the app. But for now you simply send an email to support. Clearly indicate on which team Premium must be removed and on which team you would like to have it applied next.