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Edit a match afterwards

Missed match: enter everything afterwards and keep statistics up to date

It happens every now and then that you’ve forgotten to note a substitution. Or noted the wrong assist giver or misplaced other events on the match timeline. You can edit it all: even after the game!

Enter a complete match afterwards. Create a new match with the preferred settings. Press match status and choose ‘Finished’. Now you can add events to the timeline as described below.

Open the timeline

1) Go to the match you want to adjust the timeline of. Tap on ‘timeline’ at the bottom of the screen.

2) Then press the pencil (top right) to place the timeline in edit mode.

Add events

Now make the changes you want. It works the same as during the match. For example, choose the shirt of your team at the bottom of the score.

The events window appears. Choose an event type. If you don’t see a desired event immediately, you can scroll down to find more events. Indicate at the top of the screen in which minute the event should be placed.

At the bottom of the screen you will see ‘Choose player‘. When you press this you can add a player to the event. Choose a player from the list.

When you’re done making your changes, press the green check mark to place the event on the timeline.

Edit events

Tap the event you want to edit. Goal or event, it works everywhere. The events window appears: now you can change the settings of this event.

Make the adjustments you want: for example another minute, or another event. You can also assign another player to the event by pressing ‘choose player’ at the bottom of the screen.

Confirm all changes by pressing the green check mark. Cancel with the red cross.

Delete events

You can also completely remove events from the timeline. This is simple: swipe the event to the left and you will see the ‘delete’ button appear. Press it: the event disappears from the timeline!

Last step: save all changes!

When you have adjusted the timeline, you must save all edits. To do this, press the big green check mark, at the bottom right corner of the screen. Now you will exit the timeline edit mode and everything will show in the stats as well.

Cancel all changes? Press the red cross at the top right of the screen. A pop-up screen will indicate that all your changes will be canceled and the timeline will remain as it was before you started editing.

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