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Get started with your club and Coach Amigo

(or group of teams)

Currently, Coach Amigo is developing “The Clubhouse,” the core platform that allows a club or group of teams to manage and analyze a small or large number of players, teams, and training selections.

Until the launch of The Clubhouse, you can already get started as a club (or group of teams) with Coach Amigo (+ Trainer Amigo) and begin building statistics for players, teams and training sessions. All from a central hub.

The club account

The basic principle: working from a single account where all players, teams and training selections are created. Therefore we’ll refer to this account as the “club account.” From this club account, you can easily share teams and training selections with all relevant coaches, trainers, assistants and team managers.

The teams need to be Premium to be shared with others. You can find out in our shop what discounts you can benefit from as a club or group of teams when you make multiple teams Premium at once.

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Getting started with the club account

You might already be using Coach Amigo and have one or more Premium teams in your account. You can choose to consider this account as your club account and create all future players, teams and training selections here.

Of course, you can also start with a new account. Whatever your choice, once you are up and running, just ask us to increase the maximum number of teams you can create in your account.

Create the players

Go to ‘players’ and start creating all the players, or add the new ones to your current player list.

Press the red plus button to create a player. Later, you will assign the players to a team in the team selection.

More about creating players:

Create the teams

Go to ‘settings’ and select ‘your teams’. Can’t create enough teams? Let us know.

Start creating a team by pressing the red plus button. Later, you will be able to share the team with coaches, assistants and team managers.

More about creating teams:

Create team selections

Activate a team on the dashboard or in ‘settings’ under ‘your teams’.

Next, go to the players for this team and click on the shirt icon next to the name of each player who belongs in this team selection. The shirt icon will change to the club colors, indicating that this player is now part of the team selection and will be included in every new match setup.

You can easily search for players using the search tool at the top of the screen, which is handy for long player lists.

Make the teams Premium

Before you can share the team, make it Premium. Copy the Premium code and paste it under “team”. Scroll down and select “Apply Premium code”. You can read more about activating Premium codes here.

More about activating Premium codes:

Sharing teams

After activating the Premium code, the team is ready to be shared: go to ‘team’ and select ‘share’. You will see that the (club) account is listed as the ‘owner’ of this team.

Enter the email address of the coach, assistant or team manager you want to assign to this team. If you want the invitee to have extensive control over the team, assign them the role of “Manager” immediately after sending the invitation.

The invitee will be able to create an account directly from the invitation email and start working with the shared team. If the invitee already has a Coach Amigo account, it is preferable to use the email address associated with that account. This way, they will receive a notification in the app to manage the team.

Create training selections

To create and manage training selections, you can log into the mobile Trainer Amigo app using the club account. We are working on a web version of Trainer Amigo.

Press on training selections (menu at the bottom: selection) for an overview of the selections available in your account.

By pressing the red plus button, you create a new training selection. Activate it by pressing on it; the green checkmark will indicate that this training selection is active.

Sharing training selections

Add players to the training selection

Go to “players” and press the training icon next to a player’s name. The icon will change color, indicating that the player has been added to the selection.

Sharing a training selection

Every trainer using Trainer Amigo must have full access enabled for Trainer Amigo in their account. No problem, as when you use a club account, we offer extra Trainer Amigo full access (each Premium team grants one extra Trainer Amigo full access). This allows you to invite more trainers to work with a training selection and Trainer Amigo.

Invite each trainer and let us know who they are, and we will automatically set this up for them.

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