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On which devices can I use Coach Amigo?

Coach Amigo has been developed for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. We recommend iOS version 11 and higher. And iPhones 7 and newer models. Android works with version 9 (Pie) and above.

We also have a version for your desktop.

Is Coach Amigo really free?

Coach Amigo is free and will always remain free with a Basic team. We want football to be fun for everyone. And Coach Amigo is proud to help with that.

But if you want more, make your team Premium. As a result, you get loads of extra features. For example, you can make full use of the Desktop app! Check here everything about Basic teams and Premium teams.

Which languages does Coach Amigo support?

Coach Amigo is available in English, but also in Dutch.

In the menu, go to “settings” and then “app settings” and set the preferred language.

Who is in charge of the development of Coach Amigo?

“Behind” Coach Amigo is the Free amigos team. Those are some of the experts in the field of app and web development. In addition, they are very good designers and nice people. And they love football.

Coach Amigo is a completely independent platform.

Can I manage my team on another device?

Everything is securely synchronized with our servers.

Just grab the first phone you see and log in with your account. And voila: you can get started right away. Everything is neatly loaded.

You can also log in with 2 phones or with your desktop at the same time, if you have a Premium team.

How many teams can I manage with Coach Amigo?

You can create up to 3 teams in your account.

If you have a premium team, you can send an email to support to create more teams in your account.

The maximum number of teams applies to the number of teams that you create in your account. If other coaches share one or more teams with you, they will not be counted.

Is Coach Amigo “easy” to learn?

Very simple even:

  1. create a team,
  2. create your players,
  3. add them to your team’s selection,
  4. set up a first match,
  5. and start it to practice!

Remember that you can delete or ‘restart’ a match. And there are tons of explainers to help you along the way.

Do I have to use the Livestream?

No, you decide that yourself.

If you keep track of all events and substitutions during the match, this will only be visible on a Livestream if you have chosen this.

Have you turned off the Livestream? Then you can keep track of everything, but don’t share anything. It’s up to you.